Sales Agreement

Hill House Farm is constantly working to improve our herd, and therefore, we reserve the right to retain any animal (mature or kid) for future breedings, regardless of any sale arrangement. If such a case arises, any deposit made will be fully refunded to the buyer. Sales of bucks or bucklings will be made on a case by case basis. Prices will vary depending on the quality of the dam.  Hill House maintains the right to collect semen from any buck sold (10 straws) at cost of collection.  Should the buyer choose to not retain the animal, Hill House wishes to have the opportunity to buy back the animal at fair market value.  All livestock sales are final and non-refundable.

Hill House works hard to ensure that each animal is disease free and in good health  at time of transfer of ownership.  Registered animals will be sold with papers in hand, tattooed, and disbudded. We will provide a complete record of every vaccination, supplement, and medication the animal has received, as well as notations for any procedure done. No registered animal will be sold before weaning at 12 weeks unless arrangement is made ahead of time.  Hill House Farm tests our heard for CAE on a yearly basis. Results will be made available on our website. We appreciate the buyer taking steps to ensure their own herd is disease free and maintains that status for all animals safety.

Animals with a premium pedigree (i.e. superior genetics, linear appraisal, show championships, or DHIA awards) may only be considered for sale to approved homes. To be eligible for an animal of these standards, the buyer must participate in the programs. Buyers that do not currently milk test but wish to start may be offered test collection and verification testing free of charge for any of the animals bought under the Hill House herdname for their first year in the DHIA program.

Animals must be picked up from our Farm at time of purchase. Transport out of state is done by special request, and again, on a case by case basis. Please contact Ashlee if you need accommodation in this way.

We support 4H and FFA Youth. There will be a discount on animals purchased for this purpose.

Many Blessings.

Matthew and Ashlee Tarbox