Ethics and Policies

We strive to be natural.  However, we will not sacrifice an animals health and safety just to be truly organic.  Our animals receive vaccinations and medications as required. We give CD&T at 8 weeks and 10 weeks for goats, along with a booster before breeding. We use Penicillin or LA-200 if there is an infection. For wounds, we clean and dress with Blue-Kote.  We use Valbazen or Ivomec Inject-able for parasite control.

Our feed is carefully chosen, and we include as much Organic/Non-GMO ingredients as we can. We are happy to share our daily feeding rations and recipes by request. Our goats have access to browse almost daily, unless harsh weather doesn’t permit.  The flock of chickens is free ranged. They have quality feed offered and water available, however, they often choose to dig for worms and hunt bugs rather than gobble up the feed pellets.

As for what we grow, we buy organic/non-gmo seed and we plant in the same ground that my Great-Grandfather worked himself. We add minerals to the soil as needed for soil health. Chemical sprays are unwelcome on our plants, we choose a fertilizer that we work directly into the dirt. In the resting seasons, we include rabbit and chicken compost on the garden to help replenish the nutrients for the next spring.

We do at times butcher. It is our highest concern that animals in our care have a good life, followed by a good death.  We always try to be as humane as we can be, as quick and clean as possible.  We work to assure that there is little to no waste in any death on our farm.