Performance Programs

American Dairy Goat Association

We are proud members of ADGA. All our breeding stock and show goats are registered. Our herd founding does are from excellent lines, and this year we have kids born under our own herd name of Hill House. We are adding to our pedigrees with the participation of Linear Appraisal and DNA testing.  We will be showing in three ADGA sanctioned shows in the next several months. Check up on our news page and follow us on Facebook to see just how well we do!

For more information please visit the ADGA website.


Dairy Herd Improvement Association

We have all does going on to DHIA test as they freshen this year. We are on the Owner Sample 40 test plan. We record weights of our milk from each doe at both the morning and the evening milking. We are excited to see the girls working toward their stars!  If you live in the Pierce County area and are interested in the same testing, please contact Ashlee. As a certified tester, she would be happy to help take samples and record data.

For more information please visit the Washington DHIA website.