Goat Trippin’: Jolene

Sneaking some cuddle time in the car before the long ride home.

The start of Jolene’s story began before she was even conceived.   At the Washington State Fair last year, we wandered around the barns and admired all the animals.  We were there to watch the ADGA Open Class show, but we also had the aim of chatting up any breeder that would talk to us.  I carried my notepad and wrote details of anything I noticed, and my camera snapped photos of the displays, tack, and goats.  It was a fun few days and the things we learned really changed a lot of our herd management.  Something else changed, too.  We began to understand the judging of body conditions and breeds, and we set out to add a quality doe kid to our herd the following spring.

There were many breeders with amazing animals, and after talking to a good deal of them, we were led to Cindy of Rockin CB LaManchas.  Cindy was very good to us, and after answering a battery of our ‘newbie’ questions, she agreed to put us on the list for a doe kid from her spring crop.  We studied her herd and chose the doe we wanted a kid from. Belizze. Now Belizze is a tall order, she is a well accomplished animal with a great pedigree, and we knew it was asking a lot to have one of her kids for our own.

Getting to know the girls.

With a little luck, we came to an arrangement for the next Spring.  So began the long, anxious wait. Belizze wasn’t even bred yet. Once she was, it would be a 5 month pregnancy, and then another 4 weeks before we could make the trip to pick her up!  To be honest, it felt like I was 5 years old and counting the days until Christmas. Finally Christmas came on April 8th, and joyous news of Jolene reached us.

On the day we made the 6 hour journey to welcome our new doe, we loaded the car for a road trip.  It was a beautiful day, the warmest yet for the year.  I was full of excitement to meet this little girl, and Matt and I daydreamed of Jolene’s future in our herd. Nora and Opal packed a bag of busy work for the ride, and we set off.  Jolene3

We pulled into Rockin-CB’s farm just after lunch, and after a meet and greet with Belizze and the girls, Cindy introduced us to our new kid.  She was shy at first, nervous of the commotion, but we adored. It wasn’t long before she had settled enough for us to start the trek back home.

Along the way, we made several stops.  There are so many great sights to see along the I-90 in Washington, and Jolene had never been out and about before, so we had to make some memories.  It was a great day, and those memories of this ‘Goat Trip’ are already treasures.  It means so much to have our children be just as excited as we are about our goats, to know that they will value these experiences as they grow.  I know that Matt and I are working hard to lay good foundations for our future, but the success will come because we do this as a family.  We will do well because our children are active participants in our farm adventures, and we sure do feel blessed to have them working along side us with a smile on their face.

Above Pictures: Left, The Worlds Largest George Washington Head in George, WA. Top Right, Our pony poses at the Wild Horse Monument overlooking the Columbia River. Bottom Right, Finally arrived at home, taking a look around.